Hey There

I'm Kristin Sheppard, writer and sassy pants. Nice to meet you.

I've been writing for my entire professional life. My philosophy on content is that subject matter experts make the best writers. I don't believe in spinning fluff to hit a word count for SEO. Content should be meaningful and provide real value. And it should leave a lasting impression.

So that is how I approach my work, by becoming a subject matter expert for my clients. This means that I know a whole lot about a lot of things. Book marketing for business authors has given me insight into topics like bootstrapping, employee engagement, culture, leadership, team building, financial planning, investment strategies, change management, innovation environments, and more. 

Working in tech, I've learned how to talk about things like artificial intelligence, extended realities, and delve deep into conversational UX. I don't just love talking about the tech; I enjoy making it, too. I've been on the forefront of content for voice technology and virtual reality scriptwriting. 

Nonprofit writing has provided me experience in people-first, sincere messaging. Whether it's expressing a dire need for support, showing gratitude, or branding campaigns, I've done it all. I'm even certified by the Grantsmanship Center. 

When I majored in advertising in college, I never imagined that I would one day land at a pharmaceutical ad agency. It's some of the toughest writing one can attempt and it gave me the courage to realize no subject matter is off limits. Even difficult medical topics have a voice and it's the bravest of writers who do not shy away from these areas. 

It's my duty and my pleasure to help guide other writers through the choppy waters of content creation. Through mentorship and instruction, I live to see other writers learn and grow under my tutelage. Good writers build good writers.

And that's how we stand up against a world of bad content. 

Let's work together